Tattoo Removed – Lessons Learned

This page is dedicated to anyone considering tattoo removal. I hope my experience helps you.

There are many reasons why someone might want to have his or her tattoo removed. As for me, I like tattoos and appreciate the art, but I never liked my tattoo. I regretted it and wanted it off. Here are eight lessons I learned:

1. Stay positive.
It’s easy to be mad, depressed, and overwhelmed when you have a tattoo that you don’t want, but it’s important to stay positive. “Magnify the positive, downplay the negative.” In the grand scheme of things, you have a lot to be thankful for.

2. Tattoos are not permanent.
I had my tattoo removed with laser. It took several treatments. I saw significant progress with each treatment. However, some tattoos, especially tattoos with a lot of color, are more difficult to remove than others.

3. There are good people.
Try to find a tattoo removal support group online. Get involved by posting your experience and responding to other posts. It’s good to know other people are going through the same thing.

4. Shop around.
Consider scheduling consultations with several providers. It’s a good idea to weigh all your options. I made sure the providers I went to were qualified based on their experience. I asked to see their portfolios and made sure they were using a good laser. I did not go to a doctor for my tattoo removal.

5. Take time between sessions.
Some people may tell you that you should have laser treatments every few weeks. I always waited at least four months between sessions. Your tattoo will continue to fade for months after a session. This helps keep the overall cost down.

6. Keep things in perspective.
Having a tattoo that you don’t like isn’t the worst thing in the world. Tattoos are not permanent and you can get through this. Yes, it can be expensive. But remember, “Life is the toughest teacher, it gives the test first and the lesson after.” Consider the cost of your removal “tuition in the school of life.”

7. Before- and after-care is important.
Keep your tattoo protected from the sun. This helps minimize the chance of skin damage, including changes in color. For example, I wore a rash guard shirt while at the beach, which is what surfers typically wear. Additionally, drink a lot of water, especially during the week following a treatment. This helps flush the broken ink out of your system.

8. Don’t believe everything you see.
I was very discouraged when I researched tattoo removal online. There’s a lot of material that points to how impossible, expensive, and painful it is. I saw very few pictures of tattoos completely removed. Most of what I saw included partial removals, scarring, and changes in skin color. I suspect this is because the material is old and because people are more inclined to share bad news instead of good news.

Here are pictures from my journey. I began the removal process approximately one year after I got the tattoo.





(Note: Above picture was taken 24-36 hours after a treatment. It looks more painful than it actually was.)



Thank you for visiting my page. Please consider replying to any of the comments below. Your response may encourage someone else when they need it most. We are all in this together. I wish you the best.



301 thoughts on “Tattoo Removed – Lessons Learned

  1. Wow. Thanks to everyone that has posted so far. This has given me a lot of encouragement. I got my 7th tattoo about 2 years ago. I had a lower back tattoo that I didn’t like and wanted to get a cover up. The artist told me it would have to be very large to cover the dark colors. So I stupidly decided to let her free hand a VERY large outline of a tree that covered my entire back. Eventually we planned to fill it in with lots of shading, brown, and black, and add little cherry blossoms all over. But as soon as I got home with just the outline on me, I hated it. I spiraled into a depression, and couldn’t eat or sleep. I sought counseling with a therapist to help me deal while I looked into tattoo removal. I have been getting it removed for the last year and a half, and it’s still quite present. I still deal with depressive episodes on and off. It has seriously limited what I can wear, and I’m always self conscious about what I’m doing. I have an appointment with another clinic this week that uses picosure. My tattoo is only a black outline. So I have hopes that this will start to finally make it dissapear. But in the meantime, all of these comments have been very encouraging.

    • Hey everyone. I’m a Navy guy looking to do federal law enforcement when I get out in a couple years. I start removing a full sleeve and a half sleeve tomorrow. It will be uncomfortable and costly but I already feel great about just making the leap. I’ll let everyone know how it goes

    • Hey Katie, sounds like we’re in the same boat! Best of luck with the new clinic… I just booked my first picosure appointment after a year of unsuccessful treatment so here’s hoping!

    • Katie, how are you doing? I am just in the beginning of this depression/anxiety with a tattoo. Wondering how your removal is going.

      • Still got a long ways to go. Just switched clinics and had my first session with a picosure laser. I think I’ve already seen some fading, but I’m gonna give it a few months and see. I’m getting outside more and staying active, and that has helped with the depression a lot.

      • Hey Katie, Im getting a consultation in about a month for the picosure laser, were you satisfied? Im going on my 9th treatment from a regular laser and my tattoo is still not gone. Im hoping the picosure will speed up the process. I would like to know how you feel about the picosure.

      • Hey Hannah. I’m letting lots of time pass between each treatment, to allow for maximum fading. I’ve only had 1 picosure so far, but have seen some fading. My hopes are high!

  2. Hey everyone,
    I left a reply and not a comment earlier. My story: navy spec ops guy with a full sleeve on my left arm and half sleeve right arm. In the spec ops community tattoos are commonplace. I basically became a product of my culture. My tattoos actually don’t look bad and my wife doesn’t mind them at all…. Says they’re sexy. Three major factors are leading to me dropping thousands and dealing with the discomfort of getting them removed. Reason one is a two year old boy. Reason two is a three month old girl. Reason three is my aspirations of becoming a federal agent. So I begin tomorrow and I will keep everyone updated. Tattoo regret is common the statistics of people getting them removed are staggering. So your not alone and even so called rough guys like me have felt downright awful about their tattoos and are even nervous to begin the removal process. Wish me luck!

    • Hey Kevin, Would love an update on how your sleeve removal is coming. Do you have colors? I have a very colorful half sleeve that I am slowly working on…

  3. Hey guys! This blog is a freaking godsend. I have felt so down about my tattoo for over a year now and I’m so inspired by your personal stories. Not sure if anyone can help me out with this but I thought I’d give it a shot. I have a black script tattoo on my forearm that I’ve been getting “removed” for about 7 treatments now with the Q- switch, but I’m getting incredibly discouraged as I can’t see significant fading. Sure, a couple words are more thinned out than others but overall– not impressed. I’ve heard of the Picosure working wonders but I’m curious: a) is it effective on black ink? and b) will it work on a previously treated tattoo? If anyone knows I would love to hear! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hey Emily – the answer to both your questions is YES. I have two tattoos on my chest I am having removed (mostly black, with some sky blue and orange). I had 7 q-switch treatments with minimal fading, then switched to a clinic that uses picsosure. After 2 picosure treatments my tattoos are barely even visible anymore! Which was such a relief after seeing almost nothing with the q-switch treatments.

      • Thanks for the quick response Sara! That’s great to hear. Did you notice much blistering with the Pico laser? I never blistered with the q-switch so I was wondering if maybe that’s a reason for the minimal clearance…

      • I never blistered with the q-switch treatments, either. The only time I had a blister from the Pico laser was during the first treatment, and only on one of my the tattoos. It was about half an inch long by a quarter inch wide, half an inch tall (gross) and appeared almost immediately. The blister didn’t hurt, but it was definitely unsightly. My laser technician said you are more likely to develop a blister in areas that have more ink (sure enough, the place I blistered was in the darkest park of the tattoo).
        I had a ton of fading after that first treatment, so I didn’t get any blisters with the following treatment.
        Another tip from my technician–the few days following your treatment you should drink as much water as you can stand. This really helps flush out all those tiny ink particles that just got shattered by the laser.

      • Hi Sara, thanks for your information. So the picosure really was that much better than the q-switch? Is the q-switch like the Astanza trinity laser? I’m trying to decide what to do. Thank you again.

      • Sara, Im so glad to know there is hope out there! Ive had about 8-9 treatments with a regular laser, and I think im fixing to switch to the picosure, glad to know it worked for you, hoping it can work for me!

  4. Unfortunately, the Pico treatments are more expensive. But if you have access to one, I say it’s worth the extra money. You’ll have fewer treatments, better results, and less pain (still hurts, of course, but I think it was much less painful than the q-switch).

  5. I have had 4 treatments done with the q-switch at first ive noticed a lot of change but mostly with shaded part now i cant see a differenc. The treatments hurt and last one i blistered badly. i have all black ink too. I just didnt know if im the only one seei g this im tryi g to find a clinic with picosure but only one ive seen is 2 hours away. Im at a loss what to do.
    I wish i could see pictures of your guys and girls progress it would help so much to see pictures

    • Hey Amber, I’m not sure how to post photos to this forum but I’d be happy to share pics of my removal progress if it helps. I could email them to you?

      • Hi!
        I found this thread browsing the internet looking for tattoo removal comfort, i have the same problem, we dont have picosure laser in my country either! The only thing available here is the Q-switch laser, at a top medical clinic. Its a bummer, after reading all the great things about picosure. Have had 5 sessions, finally seeing some results, hoping for the best, though it can be really hard emotionally sometimes, patience is key for me i think

    • Dont use anything but Picosure for black. I was amazed at how quick my black outline faded. Conpared to the yag or alexandrite. Pico pico pico!

  6. Pico sure is the best laser for tattoo removal im going threw a huge tattoo removal on half of my body and its fading very quick

  7. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a
    lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

  8. I have for colorful roses on my forearm
    And more on my right bottom leg .do u think I have a chance I getting them removed I getting laser treatment

  9. Thanks so much for writing about your experience. I have been reading countless blogs about tattoo removal and this is by far the most positive experience that I’ve read about. I was beginning to feel very alone and frightened of the whole process. I am terrified of getting my regrettable tramp stamp lasered but am more terrified of living my life with the regret that it’s there! Thanks again. I will share my experience once I begin the laser journey.

    • Thank you for your comment! It’s easy to feel alone and frightened, especially with all of the horror stories out there. Don’t beat yourself up over your tattoo. People make far bigger mistakes. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to stop resenting the tattoo. Try to accept it for what it is. This will bring you peace as you go through the removal process. Keep things in perspective and stay positive! I wish you the best!

  10. So, after 6 q-switch treatments and 2 pico treatments, I’ve yet to see any significant fading. Starting to feel pretty bummed out about it. For those of you who have had pico, did it take more than 3 or 4 treatments to notice a difference? I’m starting to feel like my tattoo is un-treatable. 😦

    • I know quite a few people who have said that picosure takes about 3 treatments before you start to see any fading. I’m sorry that you’re not seeing the results you want after 8 treatments . Maybe try a new clinic? What colors are in your tattoo? Coloring makes a difference.

      • Hey Tara – it took me 3 Pico sessions to see a difference, but the third session made a HUGE difference. I was amazed by how much cleared up in that third session. So I would definitely advise you try it one more time!

    • Hi! I am treating the mother of all ugly tattoos on my shoulder. The tattoo was brand new when I started treating. Have been using pico overall, and spot treating red with the q-switch. 8 in all so far. I notice fading with each treatment, but the pico gimmick that it takes 5 treatments to remove a tattoo is just not true. Most seem to fall between 10-12 treatments. While they don’t use a pico laser, I follow GO Tattoo Removal on Facebook and Instagram and find they give very realistic result estimations and results photos, and it helps me to mentally see others go through this like I am.

      After my 8th treatment, we found out I was pregnant and I have halted treatments. I assumed the fading would stop a few weeks after my last treatment, but I am seeing the most significant fading in these long months of waiting for the baby to come.

      I hope you see results but try to remember the results come slowly and the longer you go between treatments, the better you, your skin, and your results will do. Hugs.

    • Hey Emily! After 9 treatments with a regular laser, I didn’t see the results I was wanting, so I decided to do the picosure. I have had one treatment so far and have noticed good fading,they told me it would likely take 3 treatments. Don’t give up or get discouraged, it’s just a process. I would defiantly look unto another clinic or laser if I wasn’t satisfied

    • Hey Emily, I was wondering how you are doing with the removal process? My tattoo sounds a lot like yours and I just had my first Q switched laser appointment today. My tattoo went so deep and is so dark, I hate it so much..

      • Hi Kate! I have had 3 Pico treatments so far and have certainly noticed more fading. Although it isn’t as fast as I expected, it is so much lighter than when I first got it. Mine was pretty deep, so I’m holding out hope! If I were you, I would try a clinic that uses Picosure Laser… I had very minimal fading with Q switch. How had your removal process been so far?

  11. Hannah, angietay and Tara, thank you all so much for your advice! Very helpful 🙂 My tattoo is all black, but it’s a fairly new tattoo so I suppose I have to accept the fact that it will take much longer to get rid of. I think I’ll try booking my appointments further apart, and I will certainly visit the GO Tattoo Removal page. Unfortunately there is only one clinic where I live that uses the pico laser so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

    • You too! 🙂 The weekend went by too fast. I know all too well how discouraging this process is. It took less than 2 hours to make my horrible decision and turn my body into a science experiment (KNOW YOUR ARTIST… blech… bad, bad decision), and I wish the decision could be un-made just as quickly. But for as upset as I am about this mark on my body I’ve been hiding for the past year and a half (and wearing sleeves through Arizona summers…), it sure has been a good lesson in patience. Apparently I needed one. 🙂 The best advice I can give is to give yourself a good chunk of time between treatments. It’s so hard because in the beginning I thought I could cram a bunch of Picosure treatments in and get the tattoo gone faster, but it just didn’t work that way. My skin got stressed, and it didn’t move things along any faster. By following that GO Tattoo Removal page, they explain so much that a lot of us just don’t know about, including showing some great examples of why “less is more” as far as treatments, and why “longer is better” for spacing out time between appointments. They don’t sugar-coat anything for give false hopes, and they give detailed case explanations for all their removal photos. I have found them to be the most reliable, honest, and knowledgeable of all the sites and providers. Wish you luck!

  12. Your story is inspiring. It is because of your words, that I can sleep well tonight. I recently go a tattoo and within a few days, started feeling regretful. This is the worst feeling ever. Please share your email with me, if you can. I would love to ask you about the laser treatment you used to achieve such great results.

  13. hi everybody
    i get my tattoo 4 month ago It is a ship wheel and ribbon on my upper arm.Of course i very very hate it and i want to remove it.and then i get q switch nd yag laser 3 month ago but just 2 session my skin get white hypopigmentation,which i very very tense.i will consult other skin doctor Answered that my white hypopigmentation is back to normal skin,but i must stop laser until skin will back to normal , At this time two months ago my white hypopigmentation Still missing but it’s better about 30 – 40 %,i hope my skin will back to normal Quickly,because now i very very tense and Sorry about happened until Suicidal thoughts.last I want ask everybody that are my skin is back to normal skin?

    Thank you for Answered and good blog

  14. NFIL, This is a great page. My wife owns 3 tattoo removal clinics in NY and I have been through the process several times. You are well informed and its great that you are passing on your experience to newcomers who are usually nervous, scared and looking for information. Tattoos can be a wonderful thing when you have ones that you love, but they can be a nightmare when you have ones that you no longer want. The good news is, new technology, such as PicoSure lasers can be extremely effective in removing them. Good luck to everyone else here. Jeff Garnett

  15. Finding this post literally just helped me so much. I am very depressed at what was supposed to be a meaningful tattoo that i immediately hated and have to wait for it to heal and then get treatments to remove it. I feel so discouraged and upset but i know theres hope and you’ve definitely given me it. Thank you for sharing your story

  16. Hi everyone!I just had My first session with a Q switch today and My tatoo looks darker than before. Have you experience something like this? Have you applied any cream after treatmens?

    • It’s completely normal for your tattoo to look darker following a treatment. I applied a copper cream to my tattoos at first (the laser clinic sold it), then I just switched over to antibiotic cream because it was cheaper. Whatever you apply be sure to keep your tattoos from drying out.

      • My wife is a tattoo removal specialist in NY. She recommends coconut oil as a good post treatment application. There is also a new product out called NovE post tattoo removal calming gel that works well.

        Good luck everyone.

  17. I have been following this blog since I started my tattoo(s) removal; it’s been incredibly helpful and given me a lot of hope. I understand how stressful it can be searching the internet for information and success stories. Often times it’s more discouraging or scary than anything. I put together a side-by-side of one of my tattoos pre-treatment next to a photo of how it looks today. Hopefully this visual comparison helps someone who is feeling discouraged. I hope this is OK to share on your blog:
    I had to circle the image on the right to show where the tattoo was, since it’s almost completely gone.

    • Incredible! Wow, thank you so much for sharing. Yes, it did give me a lot of hope. I am 8 treatments in on my medium-sized shoulder tattoo and have taken a break while pregnant/nursing. It has faded so much but I am so anxious to get back to my treatments. Your post was very well-timed, I needed that mental boost. Congrats on such great results! I can’t wait for that moment when I look in the mirror and can no longer see my mistake staring back at me. Take care! 🙂

      • Sarah, I have a million questions! One more please: did you notice fading on the Black better with the q switch or pico way?

      • I don’t have any scarring, but my skin does feel slightly different where the tattoo was. It’s hard to explain–it’s not rough or scarred, it just not as smooth as the skin around it. It’s probably only noticeable to me since I am thoroughly looking for any differences. The skin is more sensitive now, too, so I wear extra sunscreen on my chest when I go out.

      • I’m happy to answer any questions I can 🙂 All around I had better results with the picosure laser. The q-switch did ok with the black ink, but didn’t fade the colors very well. The picosure decimated the colors, and had a big impact on the black right away.

      • Sarah, did you have any scarring caused by your tattoo itself? How long after the treatment is the pain Bearable?

      • A little bit of scaring. It’s not super noticeable but the texture of my skin is slightly different now/a little rougher. Lots of lotion helps though.
        Most of the pain is from the laser, so once the laser stops the pain stops. Afterwards it just feels like a bad sunburn. It’s tender for a few days but it’s manageable.

    • Sarah did you see as good as results with your other tattoo removals? Were you able to do daily activities after the removal?

      • Yes–the tattoo in the photo is just one of two tattoos I had treated. There is(was) a second tattoo exactly the same mirrored on the other side of my chest. Both were practically identical, so the results were similar. Both had very good results from the picosure laser. There was blue ink that didn’t fade at all with the q-switch, that vanished almost completely after one picosure treatment.
        The day of the treatment I was always advised to take it easy, and NO EXERCISE for 24-48 hours. My technician told me that exercise right after treatment is bad because it increases your temperature which can result in blistering. Other than that I would usually just go back to work after treatment. It’s uncomfortable to wear bandages under your clothes, but it’s tolerable.

      • Thanks for replying! I am so absolutely terrified to start the tattoo removal process. Searching the web is scary! Looking for any glimore of hope. are you happy with the results ? How long did you space your treatments?

      • Hello Sarah thanks for the reply I am trying to find some glimore of hope with tattoo removal. The Internet can show very positive and negative results. Are you happy with your results? How far apart did you space your treatments? Do you think the pico sure did a better job at removing your tattoo?

      • Hey Jennyd 🙂 I am happy with my results. I can still see faint shadows where the tattoos were, but I think I’m the only one who notices them anymore. When I first started out treatments I had them as close together as the clinic would allow–I think it was something like 6-8 weeks apart? Then I started to space them out a lot more and started going only once every 4-6 months. This is because your tattoos will continue to fade even after your skin has healed from the treatment. The ink is slowly being carried away by your body, so to save money I decided to just wait longer between treatments and let my body do a lot of the work vs. having more treatments. If you aren’t in a super rush I would recommend doing it this way. It’s easier on your body (less treatments=less pain), and a little easier on your wallet (those picosure treatments aren’t cheap). It’s also nice to take the hot weather months off of treatments because wearing bandages when it’s hot outside is really uncomfortable!
        If you have the option of getting picosure treatments do it. I did notice some fading with the q-switch laser, but it was so slow going that I would have had to get far more treatments. The picosure is more expensive, but it’s fewer treatments, so I think cost wise it’s pretty even whichever method you go with.

      • The place I went is called a skin spa, but it’s run by a dermatologist. The doctor met with me prior to treatment to make sure I was suitable for treatment, and to discuss the process. She was available on site or by phone if I ever had any concerns. The laser was run by a trained technician though, and not the doctor.

  18. Great post, it is really helpful! I got my first laser session last week, I still have a long way to go but I am happy I started.

    • Hi everyone. Just want to share with you tips I’ve read and collected from all the sites I’ve been to for years, though I haven’t started my own journey with my small foot tattoo since I just finished college, about to find a job and still saving up. Here they are:
      1. Be positive. Do not allow yourself to dwell on the negativity for long, it will just stress you out. Surround yourself with supportive people.
      2. Take care of yourself while in the process of removing, eat nutritious food and get 8 hours of sleep to help with the healing of the skin.
      3. DRINK lots and lots of water. It’ll help flush out the ink zapped by laser, and of course, for overall health and beauty.
      4. Exercise. It will help with blood circulation making the lasered area heal faster and along with drinking water it also helps flush as much ink as it can.
      5. SUNSCREEN. Always.. I repeat, always apply sunscreen on the lasered area to keep it off from harmful uv rays hindering the result you want to achieve.
      6. Apply some scar minimization cream or gel. This one is optional though but I highly recommend using it if you’re prone to scarring. The ones I know of are bio oil, contractubex, dermatix.. use whatever works for you.

      And lastly of course, pray. Whatever you believe in. It is always nice to know there’s someone who got our backs.

      Happy lasering! And may you all get the best results.

  19. This post has helped me so much! I got a new tattoo 4 days ago and I do not like it, it’s way too big. Seeing your photos gives me so much confidence. Thankyou!

  20. Hey everyone thanks for sharing your stories. I’m going through the same process my self . Removing a very large tattoo loads of outlines dark black shading. Had two treatments with picosure and some of the black shading has faded a little bit in some areas dissapiered completely the tattoo doesn’t look new anymore so there is some fading overall but specially the outlines are still very visible . Had this tattoo for about a year now so it’s still a new tattoo little bit harder to get rid of so I’m feeling optimistic. I have my third treatment today so hopefully I start seeing some better results after this treatment.( and I do have olive skin so the settings are on low ) I will give an update once it heals properly… Good luck everyone and remember there is hope !

    • Hey Luciano… I was wondering how the removal is going? Has the outline started to fade at all? Hope you’re well.


  21. How long did it take to start seeing results after your first session? I just had my first a few days ago and it looks like nothing is happening..

      • Hi!
        Thank you so much for your information! Helping me a lot. The only thing is i live in a country where the picosure laser isn’t available. I’ve been going to a really nice place, and they just switched to a newer Q-switched Nd:ya laser. I’ve been 5 times, every 6 weeks and i’m seeing some results, though not as much as i want. It’s maybe a year old black dotwork tattoo. Do you recommend me going with longer time between sessions? It sucks there is not a pico laser here , but do you think i can get the same results , just taking me longer? I would really like to chat with you about this via email.
        Kind regards

      • I’ve also gotten great results with q-switch lasers. PicoSures are great but they’re not for every situation (such as people with darker skin tones). We use a quanta studio and it does a great job. I know most places say 6-8 weeks but we have seen much better results with fewer treatment and less skin damage by waiting 12 weeks. The laser breaks the ink up but your immune system needs time to flush it out. I can show examples if you like. Also you can text or email me any questions you have.,I’m always happy to advise…good luck

  22. Hey there thanks for the positive thoughts. I just got one and I’m pretty upset about it. I’m considering the removal but the info online us really scary. Where did you get the work and what kind of laser was used ?

  23. I’m glad a found this post. I got my tattoo two weeks ago. Impulsively. It’s a huge cherry blossom, that takes all my ribs, but it didn’t come out the way I wanted at all. The artist didn’t know how to do it (as I came to known after) and I innocently let him do it free hand. I am feeling quite depressed now, anxious…I feel like I ruined my body….the thing is that the ink is so black, the are no shades, just lot’s of black and red….I’ve researched compulsively everything about tattoo removal, and so far this was the most encouraging post I’ve read. Thank you for sharing. I hope I have a good experience to share as well.

    • Gabriela,
      When you said “freehand” I cringed. I still get so upset thinking about my tattoo artist freehanding my tattoo. I was so naive and hand no idea how much room for error there was with that. I started looking at tattoo removal immediately. This was about 8 years ago. I can tell you my tattoo is 80% gone. It’s gone enough that I probably won’t bother with the remainder. The good news for you is there is so much black. Mine was all color. The black I did have was gone I’m just a few sessions. Unfortunately the majority was bright blues, green and purple. They were very stubborn and I ended up doing almosy 20 sessions throughout the years, with multiple places, multiple lasers etc.
      Hang in there. Once you start to have it lighten with a removal session or two you will feel more hopeful.

  24. Wow man your results are truly amazing! I am going through the same thing that you did right now and I have been feeling very frustrated, nervous, upset, and distracted by my regrettable tattoo. It’s been on my mind almost all the time and it’s been an absolute nightmare of an experience so far and it’s only been 3 months since I got the tattoo. I have been trying to find reasons to stay optimistic and make myself feel better and your page has definitely made me feel the best by far. I haven’t started the removal process yet because my tattoo is still too new. I am planning to start in about 5 months just so I’m 100% sure that all the ink is settled into my skin. I read your whole page and agree with everything you said and I plan on going about the removal process exactly the same way you did. However, I have just a few questions for you.
    1. You said that your tattoo took several treatments to remove. Specifically, how many treatments did it take?
    2. After which treatment session did you actually start noticing some good results?
    3. What laser did you use during your removal process? Did you use a different type of laser anytime throughout the process?
    4. How many months or years was your overall journey?
    5. Do you think that removal by laser is the best way to remove a tattoo?

    If you can reply back to me with answers to these questions, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and congratulations on your successful laser tattoo removal!

  25. Hello, I also remove my arm tattoo with Picosure laser. I had 4 sessions. It’s lighter but still visible. I think positive but it will be very long yourney.

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